How to Change Fish Tank Water

When changing the water in your fish tank, follow these steps for a safe and effective process:

  1. Prepare Replacement Water: Treat tap water with a water conditioner to remove chlorine and chloramine, making it safe for your fish.
  2. Turn Off Equipment: Switch off the aquarium heater, filter, and any other electrical equipment to ensure safety during the water change.
  3. Remove Water: Use a siphon or aquarium vacuum to remove a portion of the water from the tank. Aim to remove about 10-25% of the total water volume, depending on the tank’s stocking level.
  4. Clean Tank Components: While siphoning, gently vacuum the substrate to remove debris and waste. Use an aquarium-safe sponge to clean the interior glass surfaces if necessary.
  5. Add Replacement Water: Slowly add the treated replacement water to the tank, taking care to match the temperature of the new water to that of the tank.
  6. Restart Equipment: Turn the aquarium heater and filter back on to resume normal operation.

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